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Ausgezeichnet durch das eKomi Siegel Standard!



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ich bin sehr zufrieden beste von beste und beste Fachhändler viel Dank
LG ***
sehen, kaufen, angeln! Super!
Sehr guter und super schneller Service
Alles super , schnelle Lieferung, Danke immer wieder
Do not buy your fishing tackle at:
They are completely unreasonable and they will ignore you for months notwithstanding faulty products.
I bought a Cormoran Black Master BR 8PiF reel from them, I received a lesser model Cormoran Cormaxx BR 3PiF reel, which broke within a month, after a lot of back and forth, they sent me a replacement real this time the correct one.
Which like the first fishing reel, broke soon after, I therefore contacted them again, in this instance I didn’t hear back from them for weeks, and when I did finally get in contact with they kept prolonging their RMA process, firstly because they didn’t want to pay for the return shipping label, secondly they suddenly wanted to pay for the shipping label notwithstanding their previous statements, and after they received the faulty real they didn’t just immediately give me a refund despite having received the faulty real, no they wanted to send it back to the manufacturer, before they would decide whether to comply with my rights as a consumer.
Finally after months of waiting and endless correspondence, they decided not to issue a me a full refund as I am entitled to in accordance with European and German consumer laws, no they only wanted to issue me a voucher to their shop, notwithstanding I have at least on three occasions before the decision asked for a full refund and cited the well-established consumer laws.
Inter-alia that a customer who receives the same faulty product twice, is within he’s right to claim a full refund from the seller. do not give a *** about their obligations according to applicable laws, furthermore they will drag out their RMA process for so long that you either cannot be bothered because of the enormous hassle, or they hope that they can drag it out for so long that you forget about their faulty products, that is if they do not ignore you completely.
Note to anyone who has problems with if you are not persistent they will not issue you a replacement or a refund or any other remedy, for selling you a faulty product.
I have still not been given a refund and I have told them that I would let people know, of my truly bad experience shopping at which they did not care about, like they do not care about their customers at all.
Ich habe Ware von gute Qualität bekommen.
Die sind zurechtgekommen.
Transport ist schnell.
Vielen Dank!
Schneller Versand, top verpackt!
Super Auswahl und schnelle Lieferung
alles super wie immer gerne wie immer
Abwicklung und Lieferung sehr gut.


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